Saturday, January 8, 2011

Randomness : Attempt at writing lyrics


Movement, by an unknown source
Movement, by an unseen force
Events you cannot explain
You try to use logic, but in vain
A knock on the door, a shrill in the dark
Sends a shiver down your spine
Time seems to slow, but the clock's hands turn fast
Objects rise and fall, would you last
Against this unseen terror out to get you
A spirit was offended but you never knew
Manipulating forces, defying nature
Only to fulfill its thirst for wrath
Horrifying, haunting, but it seeks bloodbath
Feeding on your fear it grows stronger
You panic, try to escape, but it will last longer
Its not a dream, but you wish it was
But reality is stranger than a dream can ever be
Doorways open and you expect a demonic figure
But the cold winds greet you mockingly

Friday, January 7, 2011

Gig Review : Black Metal Krieg

Featuring - Spiked Crib (Mumbai), Dhishti (Colombo, Sri Lanka), 1833 AD (New Delhi) and Stark Denial (Mumbai)

Black Metal Krieg took place on 26th December 2010 at B69, Mumbai.
It was the first ever all-Black Metal gig in the country featuring 3 bands from India and one from the neighbouring country of Sri Lanka.

The gig started off with the well known local band Spiked Crib. From what I had heard earlier, the band usually had plenty of loose and rough edges in their live gigs. They are supposedly a Symphonic Black Metal band, so my expectations from them were lowered at first. But when they started playing, my impression changed completely. Gareth, the vocalist is a good frontman and has a very good stage presence and vocal skills. The riffs are catchy and the keyboards were used to create atmosphere and were rather drowned instead of taking the centre stage and play mindlessly and annoyingly, like Children of Bodom or Dimmu Borgir.
They played a cover of Fear of the Dark to please the crowd, and succeeded at doing so.

The next band to play was Dhishti from Sri Lanka. They played an Atmopsheric/Depressive Black metal which sounded a lot like Burzum, Anti, Nyktalgia, etc. They came to the stage in corpse paint and maulers. Their song usually consisted of 2-3 droning guitar riffs and created a haunting atmosphere in the venue. The vocalist's shrieks were sick. Sicker and more tortured than Nattramn, or Trist or Desolate, and the vocals were the best thing about the band. Not saying that other elements were bad, though. They played a cover of Burzum's Dunkelheit with guest vocals from Kunal Gonsalves of Stark Denial. Overall, they were my second favourite band to play that night.

1833 AD played next. They were the best band to play in the gig. Their sound, their skill, and their compositions, all were top notch. Their performance was the most enjoyable that night. You could feel that you're in a Black Metal gig. 1833 AD treated the crowd with 4 covers from well-known bands including Immortal, Dark Funeral, Ancient and Mayhem. I cannot put how much I enjoyed their set in words, so I'll leave it till this. By the end of their set, and with one band still left, I was drained of all my energy and wanted to leave, but wanting not to miss anything, I stayed to watch the last band.

Mumbai's own Stark Denial was the final band. This was their second gig, the first being in June. Their performance and stage presence was really good despite the fact that they played after half a year. The riffs were really well written and the sound reminded me of  A Blaze In The Northern Sky-era Darkthrone which is a very good thing. They played raw, no-frills black metal, which I really liked. They even did a cover of Slayer's Raining Blood with guest vocals and a guest guitarist.

By the time Stark Denial began with their last song, I had to leave for home because I came all the way from Pune just for this gig. Final verdict : The best gig I attended till date, even if it meant spending a lot of money and time spent in travel was more than the time spent in the gig. If more such gigs take place, I would definitely not mind travelling out of the city for them.

Self-compositions on Guitar Pro 5

Lately, I have been composing some music on Guitar Pro 5 and processing it using Fruity Loops Studio. I have composed two songs so far, out of which I will post the Youtube link of one here.
Even though I am no musician, have no knowledge of notes, scales, modes, etc, and cannot play a single musical instrument, I have attempted writing a song.

Here is the youtube link to my supposed Black/Doom Metal song.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: Totalselfhatred - Totalselfhatred

Depressive Black Metal is a subgenre of Black Metal that has been on the rise since the beginning of the previous decade. In that time, it has acquired a lot of fan following and a lot fo criticism as well. But the genre is now stagnant with bands trying to rip off Xasthur/Leviathan/Silencer and the likes, instead of trying to be original.
Totalselfhatred, in my opinion is among the bands succeed at being original while retaining the qualities depressive black metal is known for, that is, creating a desperate, soul-crushing atmosphere layered with melancholic melodies.
Totalselfhatred's sound is rather dense, as opposed to the minimal sound of most depressive bands. The bass is clear and heavy, while you can hear more than one guitar playing more or less the same thing. The drums don't play the same bar over and over again and the keys are used for enhancing the atmosphere though most of the work is done by the guitars here. The vocals are very good and well suited to the genre. Though they are not Varg Vikernes or Nattramn-style vocals which are typical of the genre, they have the right feeling to them. There are clean vocals here and there as well.
The songs are varied enough to keep the listener's interest up, though most of them have the same hate-filled atmosphere. The difference in song-writing approach is seen in songs like Spirituelle Equilibrium when the drums blast away coupled with a heavy guitar riff. Such parts with variation in mood are scattered accross the album and the band makes sure that the listener isn't treated with a boring drone of a single riff played for over 10 minutes, and I feel this is the best thing about this album.
Overall, this is a recommended album if you dig Depressive Black Metal or Black Metal in general.
Standout tracks include Enlightment, Sledge-Hammered Heart and Total Self-Hatred