Saturday, January 8, 2011

Randomness : Attempt at writing lyrics


Movement, by an unknown source
Movement, by an unseen force
Events you cannot explain
You try to use logic, but in vain
A knock on the door, a shrill in the dark
Sends a shiver down your spine
Time seems to slow, but the clock's hands turn fast
Objects rise and fall, would you last
Against this unseen terror out to get you
A spirit was offended but you never knew
Manipulating forces, defying nature
Only to fulfill its thirst for wrath
Horrifying, haunting, but it seeks bloodbath
Feeding on your fear it grows stronger
You panic, try to escape, but it will last longer
Its not a dream, but you wish it was
But reality is stranger than a dream can ever be
Doorways open and you expect a demonic figure
But the cold winds greet you mockingly

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